BLAXAND: the name was inspired by the use of black sand from basaltic rock used in Mauritian construction to protect the sea beds by avoiding the extraction of white sand.
BLAXAND disrupts and breathes modernity into real estate projects.
BLAXAND is a pivotal player in the real estate industry.
BLAXAND strives to respond to the challenges of climate change and digital transformation by aligning itself with sustainable development goals, especially those stipulated by the United Nations.

BLAXAND Ltd is the brand that unites the long-term visions of:
Sanjeev Manrakhan, through The Anglo African Foundation, holds 50% of the capital.
The Anglo African Foundation favours technology in the fight against poverty, disease, ignorance and climate change.
It operates as a sustainable company with the four pillars of sustainability in its DNA:

1. We ensure that all our businesses are market leaders and profitable as it is due to their earnings that we fund our humanitarian initiatives.

2. We invest in companies that are leaders in green labels, such as LEED, or in technology that reduces carbon footprint.
3. All our businesses are digital in spirit as that's the only way to guarantee their sustainability and profitability.

4. Finally, 100% of attributable profits of our companies are invested in our social and humanitarian projects: micro-finance, health and education for the poor and disadvantaged.
• From the end of 2020, the Foundation will launch its investments in:
• The fight against diseases in partnership with Medtech Platform, allowing the early detection of cancer by using the latest PET/CT scan technology.
• The fight against poverty through a micro-finance organisation destined for female entrepreneurs.

Michel Venturini and David Rachex, through RVI Immobilier Ltd, hold the other 50% capital and share a vision of becoming key investors in Mauritius through the quality of these projects in terms of location, architecture, functionality and facilities. BLAXAND operates in the centre of Mauritius (in the region of Moka, Bagatelle and Ebene) and remains open to strategic partnerships for future developments in this area and also in the North, in the West and near the airport.

We also participate between 10% and 50% in real estate projects by creating subsidiaries with strategic partners in Mauritius or aboard (Swiss and French, in particular).

Green Building

Objective: Optimise the ecological aspect of the building during and after the design... ...these efforts allow the reduction of the consumption of energy resources and operating costs and therefore decrease the structure's environmental impact. 
Space optimisation allows the increase of employee productivity and makes them sensitive to environmental problems while favouring the development of a sustainable community.

All buildings built by BLAXAND are LEED “By Design” and our teams are already working towards LEED certification.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a North American system of standardisation for high-quality environmental buildings, created by the US Green Building Council in 1998, similar to the HQE (Haute Qualité Environnementale) in France.

Smart Building

Amid Industr y 4.0, BLAXAND ensures that the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) is integrated into all its buildings from their conception and gives the possibility of a roadmap allowing evolution into smart buildings:
Phase 1 - Connected building: smart parkings, water management, waste, electricity, thermal cameras, etc.; all connected to one centralised platform accessible to each occupant via an IT portal.
Phase 2 - Interactive building: occupants can interact with the different interfaces of the building and control the building remotely.

Phase 3 - Smart building: through data mining, the platform allows predictive analysis and offers real-time pro-active management.

Trusted Partners

BLAXAND, a trustworthy partner

The environment and people are at the heart of our priorities. Our approach must be sustainable and committed. We break the mould to adopt and integrate the potential of technological advances.
BLAXAND is open to partnerships with well-known Mauritian companies.

BLAXAND is open to partnerships with well-known Mauritian companies.
Because a high-quality building is the combined work of several trades, BLAXAND surrounds itself with the best local and international consultants:
  • MOUSSA RAWAT: Client Representative
  • MORPHOS: Architect and Interior Designer
  • ARUP: Consultant Structural Engineer
  • KEFEX: Consultant Quantity Surveyor
  • DIGICONSULT: Consultant Mechanical and Electrical Engineer
  • S.ALT: Technical Team specialising in High-Quality Environmental Standards
  • EC3: Technical Team specialising in IIoT, Smart Buildings and Connectivity

Our Associates

BLAXAND: the founders

Michel Venturini

A successful businessman, Michel Venturini has had an outstanding career with his motto “SUCCEED TOGETHER”, by creating in 1972 the distribution group BUT in home equipment. Following a partnership with Carrefour and a stock exchange listing, he transferred his group at the end of 1998 to his minority partner, Kingfisher-Darty (235 branches, 6 000 employees).
Paying particular attention to the environment and technology, he is today an agile player in the agriculture and water sectors (in France and Tunisia) and in real estate (Hôtels IBIS in Switzerland, residential real estate in Germany, business property development in Paris - partly transferred to Blackstone in 2019 - and business property development in Mauritius).

Sanjeev Manrakhan

Sanjeev Manrakhan hhas abundant experience as an executive in internationally renowned businesses in the telecom, technological and financial sectors. He is also an entrepreneur in the field of digital transformation in Mauritius and FinTech and Proptech internationally. He was recently appointed to the board of directors of one of the largest banks in Africa.
Due to his experience in digital transformation (PropTech), he was at the heart of developing the platforms for connected buildings and establishing their roadmaps to becoming smart buildings through the start-up, EC3.

David Rachex

A Franco-Swiss entrepreneur, David Rachex has over 20 years’ experience in real estate. He played a strategic role in investments and real estate project development in Switzerland and abroad which contributed to his expertise.
A specialist in real estate financing within the Allianz group in Geneva, David Rachex is also the owner of a well-known real estate agency in Switzerland and France and has a wealth of experience as a real estate developer and investor in Switzerland and as an agricultural developer in Tunisia (Best Tunisia-Foreign Partnership 2018).

RVI Immobilier: independent directors

Bernard Lurquin

Bernard Lurquin spent 20 years working in several banks (Paribas - Crédit Agricole - BNP) in France and Luxembourg, in commercial banking and then in private banking. A few years ago, he began offering his experience and knowledge of the financial world to private investors. Appreciating the solid fundamentals of the Mauritian real estate sector, he took an interest in this market and actively participated in the selection and smooth execution of investments.

Osman Badat

Osman Badat is a certified public accountant and auditor. He is an associate and founding partner of McMillan Woods. He has a particular interest in Fintech, being a co-founder of the crowdfunding platform, Olive Crowd.
Osman Badat has had a prosperous career in auditing, financial management, and mergers and acquisitions. As a Former Manager of PwC, he worked in Britain and Mauritius and led several audit and advisory assignments in Africa.

BAGATELLE Exclusives !
Where Else?

Innovative architecture

Modern architecture distinguishes BAGATELLE Exclusives ! Glass curtain walls adorn the facade and invite light to flood the offices creating spaces that merge the interior with the exterior. Natural elements play off each other to pull it all together with an avant-garde feel. At the heart of the challenges of tomorrow's construction.
BAGATELLE Exclusives ! mixes the codes and subscribes to a context of transformation. Outside, a body of water of 6 000m2 and mini-golf will make you doubt: am I really at my place of work? Never has so much attention been paid to the well-being of the tenants and visitors to a professional building in Mauritius.

Connecting work
and well-being

To be sustainable, tomorrow's ideas need to also be able to adapt to different uses. With its hyper-connected spaces, BAGATELLE Exclusives ! offers a cutting-edge work environment: the Beer Garden boasts a view of the lake and the last floor is dedicated to meeting rooms, an exterior lounge and a rooftop bar. Your lunches, meetings and after-hours will never be the same again: Taste the exclusive!

BAGATELLE Signatures
Unboxing the SMEs

A new design on the island, guided by technology and innovation, BAGATELLE Signatures suggests a hybrid office and modular storage of over 100m2 in the dynamic area of the Smart City in Moka.
The reasonable rent is ideal for encouraging the development of start-ups, online companies and logistics companies.

Coming Soon

Unique design

The right design in the right place... This is what makes BAGATELLE Signatures a unique and unparalleled solution. This place transforms routines and the workplace for those who want to escape the ordinary.

Well-being and connectivity are the foremost priorities at BAGATELLE Signatures.
The “click and collect” option allows clients to collect orders quickly at any time using their smartphones.

Hermes Cubicles

Coming Soon

VIVEA Cubicles
Impossible investment

VIVEA Cubicles regroups modular offices from 50m2 for sale. It is located in an area that resembles the Garden of Eden in Moka’s Vivea Business Park. Ia green setting and hundred-year-old trees, this business centre is attractive by its proximity to the M1 M1 and M3 highways and the the St Pierre bypass.
VIVEA Cubicles was designed to combine a pleasant working environment and high-tech services. It is an extraordinary investment opportunity.

Pioneering architecture

The architecture of VIVEA Cubicles has a modern twist. Its glazed glass facade and vertical louvres add a contemporary touch while maintaining open space. Fluid use of indoor and outdoor spaces offers a new new way to experience work life. The building is in front of the Green Lane, a magnificent eco-friendly promenade lined with trees and pedestrian lanes and pathways for electric vehicles and bicycles.

VIVEA Cubicles

For the building and sales operations, BLAXAND Ltd has partnered with RTF (Maurice) Ltd which is owned by:

Jean Touly

Jean Touly Touly has had a remarkable career in the real estate and hotel industries in France, Switzerland and Senegal. Thanks to the management of quality varied projects and his partnerships in a variety of complex environments, Jean Touly knows how to respond to business challenges and accompany the growth of new businesses.
Through his family-owned group, he manages vital commercial property assets in France, Switzerland and 4 hotels in Senegal including the 5* Lamantin Beach Resort & Spa. He has completed several construction and real estate development projects in different countries, including 700 luxury villas in Senegal.

Jean Follonier

A specialist in real estate, Jean Follonier successfully turned his 20-year-old passion into an accomplished career. As an active and dynamic investor in Switzerland and abroad, he has a long list of achievements. Previously, he held an important position with a large Swiss company.
A real estate developer in Switzerland, he also owns a real estate agency that specialises in the Swiss Alps and develops agricultural land in Tunisia (Best Tunisia-Foreign Partnership 2018).

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